The Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research will operate a Radiance 330 proton beam therapy system, designed and manufactured by ProTom International. It is the same system that is in operation at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA.

The Radiance 330 system is based on a proton synchrotron accelerator and is designed to deliver superior dose sculpting and higher beam efficiencies compared with other methods of proton beam delivery. It has the highest beam energy available on the market with unique capabilities in performing proton radiography and computed tomography.

The proton therapy system will be housed in a three-level treatment and research facility across the underground levels of the Australian Bragg Centre building. The centre will consist of three radiotherapy treatment rooms. Two treatment rooms will include 180-degree rotating gantries. The third room will house two fixed, horizontal beamlines.

The design of the ABC has been developed and reviewed by a team of local and international experts including experienced clinicians, suppliers and consumer advocates. This collective includes the Clinical Reference Group comprising clinicians and health professionals from all relevant disciplines.