The Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research is set to operate the Radiance 330 proton beam therapy system, a product of ProTom International. This same system that is in use at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA.

Built on the foundation of a proton synchrotron accelerator, the Radiance 330 system offers an enhanced ability for dose sculpting and boasts improved beam efficiencies when compared to some other proton beam delivery systems. Among its features is a high beam energy, and it offers capabilities in proton radiography and computed tomography.

Within the structural confines of the Australian Bragg Centre, there’s a dedicated three-level space for treatment and research, strategically situated in the underground sections. This space will accommodate three radiotherapy treatment rooms. While two of these rooms are equipped with 180-degree rotating gantries for varied treatment angles, the third will have two fixed, horizontal beamlines.

The design and layout of the Australian Bragg Centre has been shaped by input from a diverse group of experts. This includes local and international professionals ranging from seasoned clinicians to suppliers, and consumer advocates. The Clinical Reference Group, consisting of clinicians and health professionals from relevant fields, played a pivotal role in ensuring the centre meets the varied and evolving needs of patients and practitioners alike.