Bringing the most advanced cancer treatment and research to Australia.

The Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research represents a significant advancement in cancer treatment and research within Australia. Utilising proton therapy, we will offer precise, non-invasive radiotherapy to destroy cancer cells with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue and vital organs. This innovative approach promotes treatment with fewer side effects, specifically aiding paediatric, adolescent, young adult patients, and those with rare cancers.


Our focus extends beyond immediate patient care to nurturing a vibrant research environment. Collaboration with academic institutions and researchers will foster ongoing innovation, ensuring patients benefit from the latest discoveries.


Slated to open in South Australia’s renowned health and biomedical research precinct, the Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research will be the nation’s first proton therapy centre, and a first for the Southern Hemisphere. This marks an important step in cancer care for the region.


Our facility is being designed with patient comfort and accessibility in mind, offering state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated healthcare team. A range of services, including consultation and ongoing care, will support patients throughout their journey.


The Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research marks a promising step forward in the ongoing battle against cancer. We invite you to explore our website and join our mailing list to learn more about this ground breaking service that will soon be available. Your inquiries are welcome, and our team is here to provide additional information and support.


If you are interested in tenancy within the Australian Bragg Centre building please visit here.